We provide a wealth of advisory services and information for school business managers and senior leaders. Our services are designed to support you whether you are an aspiring business manager, a newly appointed business manager, or an experienced business management professional.

    Leadership and management support

    SBM meetingWe provide access to a comprehensive leadership and management programme of support combining training, consultancy and networking for:

    • newly appointed School Business Managers
    • aspiring Business Managers looking to develop into their first leadership role
    • experienced business management professionals as they develop in their career

    We can provide you with support to help senior leadership teams and governing bodies evaluate the financial sustainability of their school.

    Business support services

    Whether a school or an academy we can provide key business support services from school business management, GDPR compliance, financial systems and procedures support, to that crucial IT support and internet connectivity.

    Business services

    Business management and office efficiency reviews

    We can offer an objective and impartial review of your school office and wider business management practices so you can be sure to operate good practice and effective value for money.

    Business management and office efficiency reviews

    Recruitment and induction

    Finding the right person to suit your school and its ethos is crucial to the success and impact of this role; the long term relationship with school leaders, the school leadership team and governors. Our experienced business management consultants can help you appoint a school business professional at the appropriate level to meet your organisational need.

    Once appointed we can induct, support and mentor your SBM to have a positive impact, be effective in the role and demonstrate strategic business leadership.

    HR advisory services

    Our  HR services team can provide specialist advisory services on a range of HR issues such as change management, probation, disciplinary and capability issues, absence management and attendance.

    HR advisory service

    Hertfordshire schools and academies who purchase our HR services have access to the HR Services portal for maintained schools and Academies HR portal which provide a wealth of materials including streamlined policies (consulted upon with recognised trade unions which means that schools and academies don’t have to) template letters, basic and specialist practice notes and a news bulletin feature where you will find regular education/employment news.

    HR Services portal and Academies HR portal


    safeguarding concernsSafeguarding is the most crucial aspect of the work of any school.

    Hertfordshire schools can access the Safeguarding Portal which is a ‘one stop shop’ providing schools with the most up to date guidance, policies and resources in relation to safeguarding. This information is intended to empower schools to develop their culture of safeguarding.

    This portal is available to all Hertfordshire schools irrespective of their designation.

    To access the Safeguarding portal you need to be logged in to your school account.

    Visit the Safeguarding portal

    Training and development

    We offer an extensive training programme to support school and academy staff at all stages of their careers.  We offer online learning, webinars and face to face support. One day training courses and events take place at a range of venues and we also deliver in-school training which can involve all staff within a school, either for a full-day, half-day or twilight.

    Training and events

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