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The Herts for Learning KS1-KS2 Reading Toolkit is a comprehensive package of four resources to support with the assessing, planning, and teaching of reading. It provides a consistent expectation of standards, together with learning objectives for the teaching of reading, which map the progression in skills across the primary age range.  Developed from the 2014 national curriculum, these documents are the synthesis of extensive curriculum development work and field expertise.  The toolkit will integrate with existing schemes of work or approaches.  It also offers a base for building an individualised school curriculum.

The four resources are:

Teacher Assessment Frameworks (TAFs) – Reading – Years 1-6

Sets of ‘pupil can’ statements providing a consistent approach to reading assessment across year groups,  supporting teachers with making age-related judgements at the end of the year.  Includes a short pre-recorded video to introduce the resource.

Assessing with Age-Related Texts (AART)

A unique reading assessment resource illustrating what ‘age-relatedness’ looks like at the end of years 3-6, as children move beyond book bands and reading schemes. Designed to be used in tandem with the TAF for robust assessments of reading.  Includes a short pre-recorded video to introduce the resource.

Reading Planning Platforms – one each for Years 1-6

Learning objectives for the planning and teaching of reading that can be incorporated into existing schemes of work or the teacher’s own planning.  Includes a short pre-recorded video to introduce the resource.

Progression in Teaching Reading - Planning Platforms: Years 1-6

All the Planning Platforms reformatted to show the progression across and between year groups. A leadership tool for monitoring curriculum progression that also allows teachers to easily identify relevant objectives for children working above or below age-group expectations.

KS1-KS2 Reading toolkit

Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF) - reading

Assessing with age-related texts Year 3 to Year 6

The planning platforms

Subject English | Reading
Key stage KS1 | KS2
Category Assessment | Pupil progress | Pupil attainment

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