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Britannica Digital Learning provides reliable, award-winning curriculum and supplemental solutions for classrooms. We harness the insight, skill, and passion of instructional leaders across the globe to bring custom curriculum solutions, progressive and personalized classroom resources, and unparalleled content into the hands of 150 million worldwide students to support 2020 vision.

Britannica Digital Learning’s solution suite includes:

  • Britannica LaunchPacks: Complete curriculum solutions for KS3-4 History and  Geography
    Shireland Collegiate Academy and Encyclopaedia Britannica have partnered to create LaunchPacks, the UK's first curriculum-focused content collaboration between a MAT and a global publisher to provide complete curriculum programmes for KS3-4 History and Geography and help schools meet Ofsted requirements in 2020.

    With lesson routes, learning journeys, unparalleled and safe content from Britannica, and an EdTech platform that is seamless for teachers and students, LaunchPacks supports teachers in delivering a structured programme that provides thought-through, progressive curriculum scaffolding and reduces the amount of time spent planning. 
  • Britannica School: the most comprehensive, up-to-date, fact-checked digital search engine for KS1-4 students
    Britannica School is an award-winning digital search engine, which aligns to the National Curriculum and supports students of all ages and abilities. The online platform is updated daily with thousands of curated and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, and recommended websites.

    The digital resource has been designed for all ages and abilities and has three reading levels to support every student, along with literacy tools such as an interactive dictionary, read-aloud functionality, and over 83 language translations. Britannica’s strict editorial guidelines ensure that all content is safe and accurate. The service also supports Ofsted requirements for parental engagement, students who have English as an additional language and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC).
  • Britannica LumieLabs: Shape a new future of KS1-4 classroom learning with video
    LumieLabs harnesses the power of media creation and weaves it into K-12 classroom learning outcomes. With its simple interface, robust library of over 3 million rights-cleared video clips, curriculum-supporting content, and classroom management tools, LumieLabs helps students become skilled collaborators, communicators, and media-savvy consumers with enhanced critical-thinking skills. 

Hear what teachers and students have to say about LumieLabs.

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